Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Yearning...

I yearn for deepness. I yearn for that part of every person that wants to live with passion, with zest, with most importantly, meaning. Because even though I know I was placed on this earth for a reason, I want so deeply to feel it. Do others search for a life lived with panache? Do others yearn for such things? Do others yearn at all? Is that even a feeling? Not lust, not covet, not wish, not hope, not desire....but yearn. A feeling that wants something, and yet it's not something they really want - it is something that deep down, they know that they need. Only when one realizes what he needs so desperately, does he truly yearn for it. Because he knows he is utterly lost without it. And he begins to wonder what life was like before this yearning overtook him. Oh, how I yearn for Christ. How I yearn for His greatness to exhaust that humanity in me that is evil. How I yearn for His love to carry me in His strong arms. How I yearn for His mercy to seep through every pore of my skin. How I yearn for His grace to pour through every fiber of my being. Does the Lord know this yearning? How could He, when I have such a hard time feeling Him? Yes. He knows. He created it. And thank goodness that He did.

Monday, August 1, 2011

i love people.

Something that I've known for awhile now just hit me like a sucker punch today. In a good way though.

No matter who or where they are, I love people. God truly did create something "good" when He made us. We were His crowning glory and I am in love with His creation. As much as I do not fall head over heels for children, I have found that I would love any child placed in my lap who needed love. I've also realized that I have absolutely nothing to complain about or be depressed about when there is a world of such great suffering that I have never witnessed and could not even begin to imagine. God has indeed allotted to me my own struggles, but as I see so many less fortunate circumstances than myself, I cannot help but want to share my God-given mercy and love with them.