Tuesday, December 8, 2009

a world covered in White.


What could be more perfect? A world covered under a white blanket might be cold, but it certainly feels safe. It's as if a pair of hands have covered the atmosphere and are keeping you safe. Call it silly, but that's that way snow makes me feel. It's also therapeutic in a way. I've always loved water and rain, and any sort of precipitation I suppose. Snow is just like rain...only a different effect for me. Rain seems to close everything. Dark clouds roll in and hide you in their black-purple haze, and drizzle the roof with soft pings. It makes me want to curl up in a blanket inside and drink tea all day. Snow, on the other hand, seems to lay everything out before you. It's open. It shows you something perfect, and even though you know that something is falling from the sky, there's no sound. It's silent and slightly solemn in a way. It makes me want to go out of a warm home and stand in the middle of this perfectness so I can somehow be apart of it. Sometimes when I see a field covered with snow I think of a world without darkness, or sin, or pain, or tears. A world in black is sometimes unbearable, and sometimes we don't even recognize the repulsiveness of it when we're in the pit of it.


It paints a picture of a world in white. A world without blemish and without harm. A world where my slate is clean and where I am utterly and completely forgiven of my ugliest attributes. That makes snow seem pretty fantastic, huh? In a way, snow, to me, is like one of those promises from Christ that shows us what Heaven will be like, and that reminds us, we're not in our real home. snow it the appetizer, Christ love and forgiveness of our sins is the main course and dessert is going home. I hope everyone enjoyed the appetizer while it lasted.

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