Tuesday, September 29, 2015

runny noses, chicken soup and marmie.

I feel like you know you've reached a memorable moment in your adult life when you make chicken soup by yourself. You didn't make it in mama's kitchen, you didn't have her help, and no she definitely did not make it for you. You made it all by yourself... or at least tried to.

Sunday morning I woke up with a harrowing sore throat and stuffy nose.
Ah yes, cold season, where sniffling noses, hacking coughs, hot tea, vitamin C and balled up tissues flow eternally. 
No matter how hard you try to avoid sickness, somehow it always gets you. It's like induction into every new season.

Obviously this calls for chicken soup, right?

Odd how when you're sick, the only one you want to take care of you is your mom.
I don't care how old you are... how old I am, I will always want and need my mom.
She knows how to soothe a heated brow, an upset stomach, a ruby red, raw nose, a broken heart and a weary mind. She knows how to make soup for the soul and sustenance for the heart, not just my immune system.

So it's odd when you're living on your own, feeling wretched, wanting soup, and realizing that the only person who's going to make that soup for you is yourself. It's half liberating out of human ego, yet half victimizing because you feel prey to not having your mom make you soup while you wallow under the covers.

Regardless, I set out to make chicken soup, a recipe I had found on Pinterest because let's face it, Marmie doesn't have a recipe for chicken soup... she just puts it together with this and that and it's always amazing. So I set out to make this recipe, only to find that I had not quite half the ingredients.


With runny nose, Kleenex box in hand and a Cold Eeze lozenges stuffed in my mouth, I set out to make my soup with random ingredients from the fridge. This was the lovely recipe (if you care to take a stab at it) that should have ensued, however my pajama clad, indisposed self only procured the following:
• garlic
• carrots
• chicken
• fresh basil
• chicken stock
• rice
• lemon
• eggs

Needless to say, the soup was eventually concocted and simmering. Somehow it turned out pretty tasty, despite all the missing ingredients. It also turned into not quite soup because I didn't have enough chicken broth, but alas, what's a sick girl to do? It was food, and it was hot and I ate it.

Runny noses and chicken soup aside, it just made me that more grateful for my Marmie.
Love you Mom.
(See how it's not actually soup? Oh well... I tried, I suppose.)

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