Friday, July 22, 2016

Broken Vessels

I hate how much we cast judgment. Regardless of whether one professes a relationship with Christ or not, most people can agree that judging someone is frowned upon, especially if it’s a “book by its cover” situation. As Christians though, we are held to an even higher echelon in judging. We have the right and even the responsibility to be disgusted by sin in our lives and the lives of others…but never the audacity to cast judgment on that sin… even our own, because that unique hardship is one that Christ decided to take for us. The undesired and heart wrenching task of casting judgment is confined to the being of God.

Yet so easily we forget this. A few weeks ago I had a conversation with a friend… a very controversial one based off of certain things happening in the news that had both of us slightly riled. We both had quite differing opinions towards the matter and because of a belief that I hold I was called judgmental and hateful. While trying to explain by saying that I don’t agree with a certain lifestyle but that I undoubtedly loved the person living that lifestyle, I was bitten with the quick remark, “Oh that’s what all Christians say as a cop out to justify them hating others.” The phrase, “So you hate them then, don’t you?” was asked and repeated until I realized I was balling my eyes out and the accusations from my friend stopped.

Words were so hard in that moment. How do you say that judgment is the Lords without sounding like you are truly judging? Because it is true… we can very easily say God is the only judge and yet be biased, ugly and completely judgmental. It often is a cop out and that fact is rather depressing to me, albeit enough to make me cry.

The truth of the matter, however, is that I have no place to look at someone else’s sin and cast an evil glare, because the second I do so, I am condemning myself tenfold. What I mean by that is my own heart, my own body, mind, soul and human nature is so disgustingly flawed and broken that if I dare to have a hypocritical thought towards another being for their lifestyle choice as opposed to mine… woe is me. Because, if I’m being honest… I don’t agree with my own lifestyle. I don’t agree with how I am living. While I call myself a Christian and cling to the hope I have in Christ, I still struggle daily with living a holy life.

I am insecure.
I say things that aren’t edifying.
I am selfish.
I don’t want to serve others.
I am not honest.
I desire things that I shouldn’t.

I am flawed. I am broken. And on a daily basis I am reminded of why it’s okay to accept that I will always be somewhat broken in this world, but why that should never deter me from striving to live a more God-glorifying life.

So as I sat there with my friend trying to describe this, I remember weeping, my heart feeling like confetti around me. I tried to explain how disgusted I was with myself, with my own sins that I could never pull the judgment card on another person, because it would only remind me of my own brokenness. I don’t know if it sunk in… if they truly understood where I was coming from. But I hope you do.

I hope you understand that judgment is never ours as Christians. And thank goodness it’s not because our view of right and wrong changes every day based on moral relativism and our own personal preference or bent. We have a hard time keeping a healthy standard.

But I also don’t want you to come away feeling depressed about the brokenness we experience on earth. While we acutely feel like shattered pieces of clay, scattered and crumbling, our Savior has taken every piece and created a vessel for Himself to indwell. Through our brokenness, He has created a home for us.

Hillsong puts it this way,

"You take our failure
You take our weakness
You set Your treasure
In jars of clay
So take this heart, Lord
I'll be Your vessel
The world to see
Your love in me"

Our brokenness was made whole to be a vessel of love, never judgment. So before you cast an unloving thought or preconceived notion towards someone, remember that you've been brought out of darkness, with nothing to boast about, save the sanctification of our Savior, and nothing to give or say but the love that He gave us so freely. 

Broken Vessels
// Hillsong United // 

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