Friday, February 26, 2010

wednesday night: comics II

Ah, once more were the forces of Johnny and Susan Storm able to deface the evil of the world. After we had destroyed all the villains (again), Chawlie goes, "Oh! I forgot. I could have just pushed this button and killed them all." I'm still in character of course,

"What do you mean Johnny?" I asked in a deep voice. Chawlie makes a face.

"What?" I asked reguarly. He spreds his hands out, trying to explain.

"You don't do that! Susan doesn't talk in a deep voice, so you can't either! And don't talk in a different voice, just be yourself." I nodded my head. I'm being instructed by a 4 year-old....but then again, he knows all about the world of comics; so I just nodded my head.

"Anyway, look here, see? I could have just pressed this button." he goes.
"What does it do?" I asked (in my regular voice, of course)
"It finds all the bad guys in the 'wowrld' and kills 'em all!"
"Oh....what about the good guys?"
"Good guys? Eh, their okay! Just the bad guys."
"Oh good. Are you going to press it then?"
"I already did! Their all gone."
"Then how are you and I going to help save people?"
"We don't have to anymore, because all the bad people are gone." (He is one smart cookie.)
"Well then..does that mean we can't play anymore?" He paused a moment, not really thinking of the consequences of pushing the button.
"Oh..." he freezes. "Well...we can just play Staw Waws. Who do you want to be?"

So here ends our marvel comics, and thus begins are adventures among the stars. We only had but a few minutes, considering that the bath tub was already full and it was close to bed time. We ended with Mara Jade (me) and Kit Fisto (Chawlie) on a mysterious battle ship, headed for the Death Star. Stay tuned for next week......

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