Wednesday, February 17, 2010

wednesday night: comics

Wow! So tonight was incredible. I spent a whole 2 hours saving the world from bad guys, with the help of Chawlie...urm, whoops, Johnny Storm. Around the house we flew, changing characters, changing locations, and changing bad guys into mush! I was quite disappointed, however, when I found out that Cat woman was a "bad girl" and I couldn't be a "bad girl" as Chawlie instructed me. I must say, though, we made an incredible duo, even though we changed several times. Running around the house, we used everything possible for protection: chairs, couches, pillows, exercise mats, and sometimes even Ellie acted as our protector. We dodged bullets, iron objects, terrifying metal arms, deathly thrown playing cards, and lightning bolts. At one point, Storm even got injured pretty badly (Dr. Oc found her arm in a vulnerable situation, but we won't get into the nasty details. I'll let Chawlie inform you of her medical conditions). By the end of the night, we were dog tired, and ready for a hot bath, and the "Happily Ever After" story of Sleeping Beauty. Surprisingly picked out by Chawlie.

These were our combos:

Hulk & Rouge
Johnny Storm & Susan Storm
Logan/Wolverine & Elektra
Thing & Storm
Iron Man & Ice Man (yes, I was a man, but an awesome one at that)
Cyclops & Night Crawler (an even better man!)

I can't remember which teams destroyed which bad guys, but here's the list of evils whom we vanquished in the end:

The Watcher
Dr. Octopus
The Joker (amazing, right?)
Docter Doom

As soon as mom was out of the house and the pizza was demolished, Chawlie goes, "Hey Sarah? Can you help me get into my costume? We gotta go destory Magneto." Well....I guess we destroyed him.

"A lot of comic actors derive their main force from childish behavior. Most great comics are doing such silly things that you'd say, "That's what a child would do."
-Gene Wilder

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