Saturday, March 13, 2010

wednesday night: the incredibles and ice cream

So, what is on the plate for this past Wednesday night? Is it possibly another episode of comic heros? Is it possibly an episode of Staw Waws?'s the INCREDIBLES!!

This past Wednesday night I came in and was greeted by Chawlie asking, "Hey Sarah? You know what Violet says about Jack-Jack?"
"What?!" I ask enthusiastically.
" 'He's not even toilet trained!' " Chawlie replies...leave it to a boy to remember THAT quote! I love this kid to death! Apparently they had been watching The Incredibles before I got there, so Chawlie was hyped about that night...I'm almost possitive that he had the whole night planned! Minus maybe the exact words I was to say. So here we were finishing dinner when he exclaims, "Ready to be Violet?!" Let the night begin.....

I have to tell you that the excitement in playing characters is so bright in a child's eyes, that you can't but be excited in the least....somehow I always end up being excited in the "most". If I'm ever tired when arriving, they recharge my battery ASAP.

So after a night of stepping into our "world", Chawlie, Ellie, and I stepped out, surprisingly a little tuckered out. Never fear though, a warm bath was there to greet us in this world. I also added ice cream cones to the ended journey. No, no, not sweets, I promise! Every time I wash their hair, I turn the bubbles into "piles" much like a vanilla swirl and pop in on top of my fist, making a somewhat lovely ice cream cone. So, I'm not good at adding the vanilla flavor, but we imagine that it is one. Lucky for me, they are some of the greatest pretenders that I don't even have to let them 'imagine' it is a cone; to them, it already is a perfect and creamy delight.

To my shame, I am terrible at aiming the 'cones' in their mouths, and they always get misplaced on their chests! Not once have they been able to test taste my ice cream....I suppose it's good not to have bubbles being made from a hiccup or sneeze though, right? Well...they enjoy it none the less.



"In every REAL man, a child is hidden who wants to PLAY"
Friedrich Nietzsche


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