Tuesday, July 10, 2012

thought of the day. 1

Already it’s July. Unbelievable. Honestly it is. I swear, I’m eighteen but I’m going to be a grandmother before I know it. Perhaps it’s my over-analytical mind, or just the thought of change, but I have a hard time imagining growing older; being old; being haggard. In a simple way, I find it satisfyingly beautiful. Being old, hard of hearing, wrinkled brow and skin, stiff hands and the rubbing of joints, gray and white hairs coarser than their voluptuous predecessors, weary gray  eyes, crows feet, slurred words, deeper tones, slow movement, loss of memory…they all combine to create a being who is the essence of life itself. Everything you’ve done in life to become old, it’s all earned. And it’s worth it. There’s nothing to be afraid of - just excitement about a life to live, full of great things God has set in stone since before the beginning of time for your benefit, not harm. 

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